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Giclee Prints

      Giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. In recent years giclee fine art and photographic prints have earned widespread acclaim throughout the fine art community for their extremely fine quality and are highly prized for their remarkable purity and superb fidelity to the original.

      With all the advantages which giclee printmaking has to offer it is not surprising that the giclee print is now widely acknowledged as the output medium of choice for fine art reproduction and is found in fine galleries and in the catalogs and shops of such respected establishments as the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

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Porcelain Sky Fog Lifting Penn Emerges Steady Boys
Big Sky Charcoal Clouds Cloud Forms Fire in the Sky
  Last Light Up From the Depths  

Lone Gull

Branching Porcelain with Plum Heckler Plains

Wild Thing

Waiting for the Tide
Birches in Winter New Year's Eve Preening Deep Wood Creek
Dappled Sunlight Honesty and Green Bottle

Honesty and Blue


My Garden
Got Pink Fall November Reel Life
Burning Off Stonington Lederach Farm Up For Repairs
Oncoming Fog


Knapp Barn

Vibrations Blue Burst Static Orb Cycle of Life

Flank Cactus Bouquet Circus Abstract in Orange and Teal
East Branch Southwest Sunset Monhegan Fantasy Erin Peat

Monhegan Sunset Yellow And Black Moonlit Cliff


Heeling Fairy Dust View From My Window Catching the Wind

Farm Window

Abstract in Blue

Old Corner Store


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